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Is medicinal cannabis right for you?

Is medicinal cannabis right for you?

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Ever wonder if medicinal cannabis is right for you?

There are many benefits to using cannabinoids. The case for medical cannabis is growing stronger by the day. As more members of the scientific and medical communities discuss the use of medical cannabis freely, so do many patients looking for a relief from their ailment.

The Cannabis Centre clinics by PharmaCann assist patients in selecting the strain(s) most appropriate for their condition and symptoms and provide guidance on dosing, safety and modes of administration. The Cannabis Centre clinics provides medical cannabis patients with ongoing support to help improve their quality of life in Australia and New Zealand.

They’ve recently put together a great guide for those seeking more information surrounding medical cannabis and it’s benefits – which we found comprehensive and worth sharing.

“Is Medical Cannabis Right for You? Medical cannabis isn’t for everyone. Certainly, there are some clear contraindications for cannabinoid-based treatments, but cannabis is continuing to gain a lot of traction in the patient community. In many cases, cannabis is becoming the preferred treatment option, especially in the chronic pain, headache, migraineand female health communities.

If you are interested in exploring whether medical cannabis is right for you, it is important to speak with your Doctor and examine the risks and benefits associated with this treatment in a collaborative way. Patient health outcomes are known to be higher when patients and Doctors work together to establish the patient’s treatment plan and strategies for achieving individual health goals.

The first question to consider is whether medical cannabis is right for you, your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Cannabis has an incredibly robust therapeutic profile and research shows that it can provide significant relief for various types of pain, inflammation, arthritis, difficulties sleeping, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, cancer and cancer treatment related symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Many patients turn to cannabis because conventional therapies have proven ineffective, or because the side effects of traditional medications are unbearable. In the case of chronic pain and fibromyalgia patients, for example, cannabis is becoming the preferred alternative to opioid pain killers. Research shows that cannabis has a good safety profile, with no potential of overdose induced deaths and well-tolerated side effects. In addition, cannabis and cannabinoid therapy has the ability to enhance the effects of opioids, thereby allowing patients to reduce their dose gradually.

A subsequent question you may ask is whether cannabis has the potential to complement your current treatment plan or help you decrease the experience of side effects of some of your medications.

Do the Research

Prior to speaking with your Doctor, it is important to do your research. Your Doctor may not be familiar with cannabis and may not have had an opportunity to learn about it in medical school or through continuing education courses. Along with many other patients, you may find yourself teaching your Doctor about this alternative treatment option.

The Cannabis Centre clinics will assist all Doctors across Australia and New Zealand to understand the benefits of cannabis and how to streamline the prescribing process. The Cannabis Centre clinics are powered by PharmaCann.

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